Swiss Financial Accounts | Publication of quarterly data from 1999

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The Swiss National Bank is expanding its data offering with respect to Switzerland’s financial accounts. In addition to annual data, quarterly data are now available starting from Q4 1999 as well. Previously, quarterly data were only available as of Q4 2014.

The data can be accessed in the form of charts and configurable tables on the SNB’s data portal (, Table selection / Swiss economic affairs / Financial accounts). Detailed notes on the methods and data sources used for the financial accounts and information on changes and revisions can also be found on the data portal.

Financial accounts in a nutshell
The financial accounts form part of Switzerland’s system of national accounts. They show the financial assets and liabilities of the economy’s institutional sectors – non-financial and financial corporations, general government, and households. The financial accounts data are presented as balance sheets for each sector and are broken down by financial instrument. In addition to data on stocks, data are provided on transactions, capital gains and losses, and statistical changes and reclassifications.

Swiss National Bank

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